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Wow! These Unlikely Animal Besties Are All Going to Expo Fest!

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The animal world is crazy, sometimes they’re eating each other and sometimes they’re best buds! What the heck! Cool animal BFF’s from around the world are gearing up for Instant Theatre’s Expo festival, which starts today! We’ve scoured the internet for cute pics of animal besties, and asked them which Expo shows they’re most excited to see!

Lion and Fawn!


Oh my god!!! It’s a LION and a BABY DEER! You might be wondering why the lion isn’t eating the deer- but it’s obviously because they are BFF’s! Would you eat your BFF? Probably not! The expo show this lion is dying to see is “What’s the Worst that Could Happen” because he’s secretly wondering if eating his BFF would be kind of fun!

Cat and dog! Hanging the heck out! On a bucket!


OH MY! The two most unlikely of friends! They are just hanging the heck out, teaching everyone a lesson about making assumptions! These two are pleased as punch to be going to see “Class Project” so that they can SCHOOL everyone on having an open mind when it comes to inter-species friendships!

Monkey and Bird Hugging!


This monkey and bird are hugging it out! Birds can fly, but monkeys can’t! How great would life be if your bestie could fly? These two just can’t wait to dare each other to sing at “Kung Fu Karaoke”! I bet they sing a song about what great friends they are!

Dog and Guinea Pig!


Oh man, check out these cool dudes! They are so chilled out and ready to hang! Looks like Mr. Guinea Pig just told a hilarious joke, because that dog is all smiles! These two can’t wait to see “Tina and Cher” because they love a good variety show (and jokes! Duh!)

Dog and Bird!


Another dog friendship combo! Looks like dogs are everybody’s best friend, not just man’s! This bird is laughing his way to “Underdog” because under him is a dog! The dog just can’t wait to sink his teeth into “Suffragette City” because he respects the heck out of women’s history!

Get your tickets to Expo to catch these cool cats (and other animals!!!) in action! Everybody’s going to get together for the last show, “Shakespeare After Dark” because somebody has to get drunk on stage and it’s going to be a real zoo*!!

*hahaha, get it??? Zoo’s are places filled with animals!!

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