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They have come for your laughter…

Join Instant Theatre Company as they drop 12 teams into the Cagematch ring to battle head to head with hilarious results. Each team will receive 20 minutes, NO MORE NO LESS, to entertain the audience with their improvisational talents. Then YOU, the audience, will choose our victor for the evening. Only one team will win COLD HARD CASH and sweet, sweet bragging rights so get down to the Havana Theatre for this HUGE MASSIVE event… We’ll sell you a whole seat, but you’ll only need the EDGE.


NIGHT ONE – May 3rd 9:00pm:
Those Guys: Andrew Job and Alex Parra
The Random Encounter Table: Bradley Duffy, Nikolai Witschl, Dan Willows, Brent Hirose and Max Tennessen.
Wood Glue: Julianne Hoyak, Tyler Cheyne and Mathieson McCrae.

NIGHT TWO – May 10th 9:00pm:
Immediate Placeholders: Jim Miller, Zach Wolfman, Connor Spear, Zoe Middleton, Joel Cottingham, Brad Duffy, Travis Bernhardt and Scott Hunter
Fourplay: Shawn Norman, Briana Rayner, Nima Gholamipour and Ember Konopaki.
MacDaddy: Brad MacNeil, Lauren McGibbon and Shane McLean.

NIGHT THREE – May 17th 9:00
Trophy Husbands: Shawn Norman, Jullian Kolstee, Tyler Weber, Brad Burega, Malcolm McQueen, and Connor Spear
National Anthem: Ronald Dario, Patrick Dodd, Kerri Donaldson, Andy Goertz, Allie Entwistle and Geoff Walter.
Golden Oreo: Max Tennessen and Linden Maultsaid-Blair

NIGHT FOUR – May 24th 9:00
Easy Over: Zoe Middleton, Vivian Tang, Sophia Larney, Sajan Gill, Patrick Gares, and Madeline Kang.
Matterhorn: Brian Cook, Cam Macleod, and Andrew Barber
L.A: Lauren McGibbon and Angela Galanapolous

SEMI FINAL ONE – May 31st 7:30
Top teams from night one and two

SEMI FINAL TWO – May 31st 9:00
Top teams from night three and four

THE FINALS – JUNE 7th 9:00pm
Top two teams from Semi Finals

WHERE: Havana Theatre (1212 Commercial Drive)
WHEN: Sundays May 3rd to June 7th
TICKETS: Only $8 at