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Instant Theatre Company’s cast is talented and diverse. Get to know us!
Aaron McCallum Headshot

Aaron McCallum

Alistair Cook Headshot

Alistair Cook


Allie Entwistle Headshot

Allie Entwistle

Amy Shostak Headshot

Amy Shostak

Andrew Fielden Headshot

Andrew Fielden

Brad Bergeron

Brad Bergeron

Brad MacNeil Headshot

Brad MacNeil

Brad Duffy Headshot

Bradley Duffy

Brent Hirose Headshot

Brent Hirose

Co-Artistic Director


Briana Rayner

Co-Artistic Director

Carla Mah Headshot

Carla Mah


Chelsey Stuyt

General Manager

Curt Da Silva Headshot

Curt Da Silva

Dan Willows Headshot

Dan Willows

Ese Atawo Headshot

Ese Atawo

Geoff Walter Headshot

Geoffrey Walter

Janet Davidson Headshot

Janet Davidson

Joel Cottingham Headshot

Joel Cottingham


Julia Lank

Julianne Hoyak Headshot

Julianne Hoyak

Kai Rudell Headshot

Kai Rudell

Kerri Donaldson Headshot

Kerri Donaldson

Kia Rae Vance Headshot

Kia Rae Vance

Box Office Manager

Kim Yip Headshot

Kim Yip


Malcolm McLeod

Mathieson McCrae Headshot

Mathieson McCrae

Max Tennessen Headshot

Max Tennessen

Nikolai Witschl Headshot

Nikolai Witschl

School Director

Nima Gholamipour Headshot

Nima Gholamipour

Ronald Dario Headshot

Ronald Dario

Patrick Dodd Headshot

Patrick Dodd


Ryan Anderson

Scott Hunter Headshot

Scott Hunter


Tia Glenn-Cooke

Shane McLean Headshot

Shane McLean

Travis Bernhardt Headshot

Travis Bernhardt

Vivian Tang Headshot

Vivian Tang

Zach Wolfman Headshot

Zach Wolfman