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New space!

We have an exciting new home for our classes, workshops, and rehearsals, it’s the Instant Studios! Located up the stairs at 529 E Broadway, this fabulous space is equipped with

  • two workshop rooms where hilarity and fun will ensue
  • a spacious office for all of your improv administration needs
  • a for-hire audition taping service room, to make your next performance tape shine
  • a super sweet hangout room with a chalkboard, a pinball machine, and fun times with friends

We’ll also be hosting regular non-improv hangouts like board games nights, starting on March 11th,  and a regular Dungeons and Dragons group, so don’t be a stranger, come out and have some fun.

To celebrate the opening of our new space, we’ll be hosting a weekend of workshops and an open house starting March 12th. Come join the Instant faculty, as well as secret out of town guests, for a weekend-ful of improv fun that you won’t want to miss.

New workshops & programs!

Iron Maidens – with Janet Davidson
This exciting new course focuses on developing and honing skills for female improvisers in a supportive environment. Learn to play, create and discover or rediscover your voice on stage with equally matched female improvisers.

Risky Business – with Amy Shostak
How does risk-taking factor into short form improv? Whether its playing a game you’ve never tried before, sharing something personal with the audience, or playing into the meta-mischief of a show, there are many ways to keep short form interesting. In this workshop, you will explore how different kinds of risk-taking affect the overall arc of a show, and how to make choices that keep short form improvisation buoyant and fun.

Breakout – Improv for Young People!
If you’re between 10 and 17 years old and looking to start in the world of acting and improv, or just looking to have a ton of fun, this program is for you! Our spring break-long classes will introduce you to the world of improv and acting under the instruction of our top notch instructors. Say ‘Yes’ to the unknown and create worlds and characters you never thought possible. You’ll learn to collaborate with others, tap in to creativity you didn’t know you had, and, most importantly, have a blast with new friends.

Character Comedy – with Cameron MacLeod
If you’re feeling like you always play the same characters on stage, or have a few tried and true archetypes and want to branch out to something new and exciting but aren’t sure how, this workshop is for you.  The one and only Cameron MacLeod of the always hilarious improv group, Matterhorn, and purveyor of the monthly solo sketch show The Hero Show, will help you find the hilarity in all of your characters, whether they be improvised or written.

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Instant Theatre Full Colour Logo

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