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The Prototype Festival: A Celebration of New Improv Formats

June 21, 2017 @ 7:30 pm - June 24, 2017 @ 9:00 pm

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Instant Theatre Presents The Prototype Festival: A Celebration of New Improv Formats

Four nights, eight shows featuring a mash up of new and interesting improv formats from Instant Theatre and other members of the Vancouver comedy community. Every show a different combination of great formats dreamed up by some of Vancouver’s best improv minds.

The Shows

Dramatic Works – Directed by Brent Hirose
Improv isn’t just comedy. A short, fifteen minute dramatic play, touching on real emotions and sincere desires
with no script.

The Feast – Directed by Tia Glenn- Cooke
This show is a feast. Inspired by George R.R. Martin’s food descriptions, we paint a feast in elaborate style. Will we ever get to the main event? We don’t know, but you might not even want us to.

He / She Did It! – Directed by Laurence Chong
Sometimes the victim can sometimes be the best detective. Taking inspiration from shows such as Law and Order, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Murder She Wrote, come join us in He/She Did It! where YOU can help our improvisers deduce who among them is the killer. The only catch….YOU are the victim.

Improvised Tudor Lives – Directed by Rachelle Lachland
Weddings, beheadings, wars and courtly intrigue. The “Improvised Tudor Lives” tells the stories you won’t find in your history books.The Monarch needs to marry! Will their prospective spouse navigate the way to court unharmed? Even then they might lose their head… This show is an improvised look into the Tudor world (you think) you know and love.

The Loop – Directed by Chelsey Stuyt
Do you feel that? That sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach. The creeping suspicion that you’ve done this before. The chill on your spine as the deja vu hits your like a brick. Welcome to “The Loop”: an improv show that begins the same way it ends. More Donnie Darko than Groundhog Day, The Loop promises an adventure down the rabbit hole that brings you back to the light. Genre-bending improv at its finest.

Lovecraft Manor – Directed by Bradley Duffy
Based on the mythos of pulp horror icon H.P. Lovecraft, “Lovecraft Manor,” brings an improvised, dramatic tale of existential dread to the stage. An oblivious academic. Unearthing forgotten secrets. Awakening something ancient. Open the door, if you dare, to Lovecraft Manor.

Oddcast News – Directed by John Kerrigan
A Comedy panel Podcast ripped straight from the headlines! Join host John Kerrigan (Kerrigan’s Countdown) and special guests as they discuss the absurd Canadian life we’ve all come to love. Don’t live within the joke, live outside it with us!

PASS OR PLAY: The Improvised Game Show – Directed by The Radical
Classic game shows collide with the world of improv! On today’s episode of the long-running hit television series Pass Or Play, three contestants go head-to-head in a rapid-fire competition to earn the chance to either dazzle the crowd with their wit, or throw a wrench into the gears of their opponents!

Return to Sender – Directed by Janet Davidson
Return to Sender is an improvised show that draws inspiration from REAL letters that have been written but NEVER been sent. Wednesday night features our Office Correspondence addition and Saturday is red hot with our Love Letter addition.


Wednesday, June 21st
7:30pm – Return to Sender, Pass or Play
9:00pm – Dramatic Works, The Feast, The Loop

Thursday, June 22nd
7:30pm – Oddcast News, He/She Did It!
9:00pm – Tudors Lives, Lovecraft Manor

Friday, June 23rd
7:30pm – The Loop, Tudors Lives
9:00pm – He/She Did It!, The Feast

Saturday, June 24th
7:30pm – Oddcast News, Pass or Play, Dramatic Works
9:00pm – Lovecraft Manor, Return to Sender


$10 per show, or $15 for both shows that night.

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