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Clue-Less: The Improvised Murder Mystery!

Mrs.Peacock in the pantry with poison. Mr.Black in the Billiards room with a blunderbuss. Miss Scarlett in the scullery with a scalpel. Six suspects. Seven rooms. Eight weapons. No Clue. Help us solve a murder and catch the perpatrator…it could be you.

But probably it will be someone on stage.

Clue-less is an improvised murder mystery based on the board game and movie Clue. Expect zany, over the top characters that are trying to find out who murdered one of their own, before it’s too late.




Sunday, January 13
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Instant Theatre


Briana Rayner

Chelsey Stuyt

Julianne Hoyak

Megan Phillips

Taylor Ray

Maddy Rafter