Vancouver is a bustling improv metropolis, with improv comedy shows every night of the week. If you and your troupe are looking to find your place in the city, try out Instant Theatre’s Incubator Program!

This customizable training program allows you to pick your team, pick your instructors, and even pick how long and how many shows you want to have on the Instant Theatre stage at Havana Theatre! All shows in the Incubator program are paired with one of our Harold Shows, one of Instant Theatre’s long form specialty shows.


What: An intensive improv training session where you submit your group, and you pick your teachers. Learn how to produce your own show!

When: A 6 week show building intensive with one 7:30 Sunday show slot, or a 12 week program with two 7:30 Sunday performances!

How much: 6 weeks: $149 per student (Min 4 improvisors) OR 12 weeks: $249 per student (Min 4 improvisors)

Join Incubator

You get: Full marketing support from Instant for your Incubator shows
A class focused on marketing and timelines for promoting your own shows
A 50/50 split of the door for your Incubator shows
Student cards for each class member allowing free Drop In classes and Instant Shows and other benefits!

Interested? Fill out the form in the link below and contact the school director at to book your troupe, today.