For over 8 years the Conservatory program has been providing top level ensemble based classes for improvisers in the city. The program has been a place for improvisers to meet weekly and perform monthly to hone skills and develop comedic chops.


Conservatory is different on purpose. The improviser’s brain is much like a muscle, and you can only build improvisational muscles by constantly working out. We believe working with a coach and 8-10 dedicated improvisers over a longer period is the best way to learn.

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Every session you’ll work with our faculty members on short form and long form improv projects. Each week will include a unit of skill building and then project rehearsal.


Our shows will take place in different size venues so that you get a wide range of performance experiences each session. You’ll also be able to join us for no additional charge at our Drop-In workshop and month House Party show.

Join Conservatory

Acceptance into the Conservatory program is by application only. Applications for the January – March session are now open! The deadline to apply is December 26th. This session will run the week of January 1st to the week of March 25th. We recommend that you take our Intro and Levels classes before applying. Cost for the session is $249.

Don’t know if Conservatory is for you? Email us for more details (