Follow your impulse and learn to create theatre on the spot through improvisation.

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Craft your Sketch comedy with our industry pros. Sometimes it is so good you have to write it down.


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Improvisation has the boundless potential to unleash your creativity, instill the ability to solve problems, allow you to collaborate with a team, teach you to tell concise, engaging stories, and foster an understanding of comedic timing. There is a reason why hundreds of people all over North America–and the rest of the world for that matter–spend time learning and performing improvisational theatre. Why wouldn’t you want to spend hours laughing?

Instant Theatre Company’s inclusive style will teach you how to manoeuvre your way through the improv comedy landscape while offering the opportunity for you to develop your own perspective. The fact is, there are a lot of schools out there that teach only one or two styles of improvisation.

Our preference is to give you the overall experience–regardless of the inherent contradictions–to allow you to LEARN THE RULES, AND WHEN TO BREAK THEM.

Instant Theatre has always been dedicated to its students and to a belief that access to classes should be cheap and easy. We want you to take a journey with us and realize your potential as an improviser. This takes time and commitment. By taking either our Intro Class, Advanced Classes or joining an ensemble in our Conservatory program, you will not only enjoy learning improvisational skills but also become a part of our community. Join us!