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There is a reason why hundreds of people all over the world spend time learning and performing comedy. Why wouldn’t you want to spend hours laughing?

Improv Core Classes

ClassDescriptionDateLengthRegistration and Info
Drop-InThe First StepSaturdays1:30-4:00Course Details
Intro to ImprovThe BasicsOne Sunday4 hour intensiveCourse Details
Level One: Exploring ImprovBuilding a SkillsetOnce a Month12 hours over 3 weeksCourse Details
Level Two: FocusTechnical TrainingBimonthly18 hours over 4 weeksRegister with
Level Three: ActionStage TrainingBimonthly24 hours over 6 weeksRegister with
ConservatoryEnsemble BuildingSept-Nov2 hour weekly classes over 3 months + 2 showsCourse Details
IncubatorPrivate Ensemble CoachingRolling Intake2 hour weekly classes over 3 months + 2 showsCourse Details

Upgrade your improv skill set with these intensives taught by some of the greatest instructors from all over the world.

Improv Skill Intensives

ClassDescriptionDateTimeRegistration and Info
The Genre WorkoutA Monthly Rotating Genre IntensiveOne Saturday per month4pm-8pm (after Drop-In)TBA
Kaisa Kokko: Improv From FinlandGetting Closer: Emotional SceneworkSun, July 9th, 201712-6pmCourse Details
Laura Doorneweerd: Improv from The NetherlandsMoving for ImprovisorsSun, July 16th, 201712-6pmCourse Details
Lee White of CRUMBSListening in Two Person ScenesSat, August 12th, 201712-6pmCourse Details

Instant Theatre offers classes in Stand-Up, Sketch, Clown, and more! Check it out below.

Stand-Up Classes

ClassDescriptionTimeInstructorRegistration and Info
Level OneYour First 5 minutes8 hours over 4 week + 1 showAdam PatemanCourse Details
Level OneYour First 5 Minutes8 hours over 4 week + 1 showKatie-Ellen HumphriesCourse Details
Level TwoLeveling up8 hours over 4 week + 1 showTBATBA

Sketch Comedy Classes

ClassDescriptionTimeInstructorRegistration and Info
Level One: The IntensiveFrom Premise to Comedic Twist.12 hours over 4 weeksJackie BlackmoreCourse Details
Level Two: Building a ShowPulling it all together12 hours over 4 weeksTBATBA

Other Classes

ClassDescriptionTimeInstructorRegistration and Info
Character ComedyBuilding a characterTBATBATBA
Clown: Level OnePhyical comedy and being presentTBATBATBA

Our preference is to give you the overall experience–regardless of the inherent contradictions–to allow you to LEARN THE RULES, AND WHEN TO BREAK THEM.

Instant Theatre has always been dedicated to its students and to a belief that access to classes should be cheap and easy. We want you to take a journey with us and realize your potential as an improviser. This takes time and commitment. By taking either our Intro Class, Advanced Classes or joining an ensemble in our Conservatory program, you will not only enjoy learning improvisational skills but also become a part of our community. Join us!

Learn More About Our Instructors

With many years of experience and a myriad of performance backgrounds

This impressive set of instructors, are both dedicated and passionate in teaching their craft, to help you hone your skills, and discover your comedic voice in the art of improvisation, stand-up and sketch comedy.

Katie-Ellen Cropped

Katie-Ellen Humphries

Adam Pateman Headshot

Adam Pateman

Alistair Cook Headshot

Alistair Cook


Amy Shostak Headshot

Amy Shostak

Brad MacNeil Headshot

Brad MacNeil

Brent Hirose Headshot

Brent Hirose

Co-Artistic Director

Cameron MacLeod Headshot

Cameron MacLeod

Chelsey Stuyt

General Manager

Elliot James Headshot

Elliot James

Jackie Blackmore Headshot

Jackie Blackmore

Janet Davidson Headshot

Janet Davidson

Joel Cottingham Headshot

Joel Cottingham

Max Tennessen Headshot

Max Tennessen

Nikolai Witschl Headshot

Nikolai Witschl

School Director

Patrick Dodd Headshot

Patrick Dodd

Shane McLean Headshot

Shane McLean

Travis Bernhardt Headshot

Travis Bernhardt