Instant Theatre & Instant Studios

Our Story

1994 was a big year for Vancouver. On a tiny stage in Gastown a band of Vancouver’s finest young comedic minds began to build what would become Instant Theatre Company: the home for alternative theatrical improv in Vancouver. Our community of talented improvisational performers produces more than 200 shows locally every year in addition to performing at as guests worldwide from Bellingham to Berlin. 

We’re feisty, flexible, and kill at pinball. 


Instant Theatre produces four shows a week from mind-bending Outer-Middle Zone sci-fi to the wit of our traditional short-form game battle Streetfight. 

Custom Comedy

We also can come to you. Our performers create unique entertainment for your social and corporate events year round. Whether it is a workshop focusing on applied improvisational techniques, a guest host or just a rip-roaring fun improv show to get your event laughing, we can do it all.

Season Shows

Imagine a fully improvised Shakespearean tragedy.  Or a Hip-Hopera made up on the spot.  Our season shows will make you question, “how can this possibly be improvised?” We guarantee Improv has never looked so good so why not follow your impulse and subscribe to the season!

And More!

Instant has become a multimedia force with our Super Villains Union podcast, a host of videos on the Instant Broadcast Network and blog articles from our squad of comedy writers. What’s next? Probably puppet shows, feature films, a boat cruise, virtual reality and our own snack food (like chips but not chips).

Instant Studios

Our classes have the power to change lives. As a professional actor they can level up your craft. As a comedian you’ll learn where the funny is and to tell great stories. Within your business you’ll have the confidence and presence to succeed. All of our classes are fun and teach you the rules and how to break them. Why take our classes? Because why wouldn’t you want to spend your life laughing?

Instant theatre has decades of experience providing great training in Vancouver and across Canada. We teach a wide range of performance skills from Improv to Sketch to Clown and Acting for the Camera. We enjoy visits from exclusive guest instructors all the time and love to create new programs.

Our purpose built training centre, Instant Studios, feels like a creative space. It is warm and welcoming and features two studios, a writers room, and a lounge. We are located in the heart of Mount Pleasant close to transit and great coffee.


Instant Theatre Company produces Vancouver’s top comedy festivals. We love to celebrate our homegrown talent at Expo, and top notch Canadian comedy like it’s everyone’s business.

June 23-25th, 2016
Expo Festival
Expo Banner

Instant Theatre is famous for breaking new improvisational ground and striving to bring boundary-bending productions to Vancouver audiences. The EXPO (formerly Young & Spontaneous) festival is a chance for established improvisers and directors to work with emerging artists to explore new perspectives on the theatrical form. Kung-Fu Karaoke, PizzaProv, and the solo tour de force, “Aaron Read and the Rainbow Children” are just a taste of the killer offerings available at a festival that celebrates the depth and creativity inherent in improvisational theatre.

Coming soon… February 2017
Vancouver Sketch Festival
Vancouver Sketch Comedy Festival Banner

This weeklong event is now in its 4th year of showcasing ground-breaking Sketch comedy in the city. Headed by Peter Carlone (of Peter ‘n Chris), Sketchfest brings both international and local sketch groups to the stage to promote sketch and entertain Vancouver audiences with this amazing style of comedy. If SNL and MADtv are your style, you’ll never be wearing the wrong thing at Sketchfest.

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Instant Theatre Company produces Vancouver’s top comedy festivals. From our homegrown talent at Expo, we celebrate top notch Canadian comedy like it’s everyone’s business.

Our Community

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” – Amy Poehler

Improv celebrates the joy of exploring the moment with a group of people you trust alongside the rush of making people laugh. That is why so many come back for more. 

 We produce one of a kind experiences and our audiences, students, and performers are always hungry for more.

Want to learn about it first hand? Take a class or join us at a show. We have some outstanding opportunities for you to join our community in addition to our regular performance and studio programming.

Board Game Paradise

Every month we throw a BYOB party, that’ s a Bring Your Own Boardgame party! Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, games only cast member Marcel Perro has ever heard of. Bring whatever game you love playing and introduce it to others. Just leave your Candyland at home. Everyone is welcome and it is a great chance to visit the studio.

House Party

Every Wednesday is House Party live at Instant Studios! This is a free open improv mixer where any improvisor in the city can hop up and get some stage time. Fancy a bit of practice? Maybe you’re new in town and want to see what the scene is like? Looking to meet some hilarious new pals? Toss your name in the bowl, kick back, and enjoy some sweet House Party improv action hosted by members of our mainstage cast.

The Writers Room

This event is a biweekly meeting designed to kickstart your projects. There are weekly writing exercises to challenge you as well as an opportunity to hear your work read aloud. All sharing is optional. If you’d like to just come and write, that’s fine too. Come out and join a like minded group of creative people and get some real work done.

NGO Outreach

Are you a member of a Non-profit society? Instant Theatre is proud to offer a free introductory workshop to any registered non-profit society in Vancouver. We know how difficult it can be to find funding for professional development, to bring in interesting training options for volunteers, or even just to boost morale in a team that’s already giving their all. That’s why we’re offering this workshop for free. Improv is about the power of change. Instant Theatre wants to help you change the world. Join us, take a risk, and unlock your team’s potential.
Please contact Chelsey Styut at for more details.